Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stomach Trouble

Today is a glorious day--- my kids finally returned to school after the universe's longest winter break. It was comforting to see the other haggard, drooling mothers clutching their little one's hands as they shepherded them into school. I was not the only mother to do a jig in the parking lot after drop off.

With my new freedom, I joined 2 friends at a local pilates class. I've been "doing" pilates at home- with a DVD for a couple of weeks. Nothing, absolutely nothing could have prepared me for what my body experienced today. My DVD is the senior citizen equivalent of justifying putting on your shoes as exercise. Today was the real thing.

Today, my stomach did things I didn't even know it could do. At one point, I just started belly laughing with the ridiculousness of the situation. Then, after I started to laugh, I thought I might puke. I forgot to bring a towel, and I don't have my own mat- so I was a little skeeved out in the beginning of the class about infecting myself with someone else's germs. By the end of the session, my face was mushed into the rubber padding and I was a limp puddle of goo.

This better work.

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jen said...

oh yeah. the first pilates class I took Franklin too resulted in my mouthing "I'm sorry" across the room, as we pushed our mushy mommy bods past their limit.

I went yesterday for the first time in almost 2 months, and what started out as easy stretches quickly escalated into "OMG-I have THIRTY MORE MINUTES TO GO????"

I (and my abs) feel your pain.

work it, sistah!