Wednesday, January 23, 2008

For Sale

So, we're selling our house. We signed the contracts yesterday, and then Matt and I had seller's remorse when we watched San Diego on American Idol last night. We bought this house in November of 1999. It's our first and only house we have ever owned. It's in a great neighborhood, but looked like a veritable crack den when we signed the papers. It didn't have a working heater our first winter, and I remember trolling the aisles of the open-24 hour Home Depot at 11pm just to get warm.

Through our seven years of living there, we touched every room of that house. We installed skylights, painted everything we could get our hands on, put on a new roof- and right before Annie was born, and even after she was- we gutted the kitchen and family room and installed a mac-Daddy set-up that still brings tears to my eyes.

I brought both of my babies home to that house. My Grandfather was still alive right after I bought it, and I remember him giving me advice on the phone. Our families moved us in, and we christened the house (with no furniture) with a Thanksgiving dinner lit by candles- and one lonnng table with our whole family around it.

Matt threw me a 30th birthday party there- complete with lemon drops and karaoke until 2am. We had Annie's first and second birthday parties there- lots of Thanksgivings with our families and dinner parties galore. It's a great little house- and it did a great job of teaching Matt and I how to be more responsible, and transition us from our frivolous twenties into somewhat responsible adults (that are now capable of caring for 2 little ones). I will miss you, sweet home- but something tells me I will miss your fixed mortgage at 5.25% even more.


Sugar Photography said...

we sold our house almost a year ago, and it was a *very* similar story.

I was weepy during that last walk through, remembering us bringing our babies home (even conceiving one!), how they learned to walk on the wooden floors, the kitchen we designed ourselves and *LOVED* (and still miss daily).

but I also love our new house, and the adventures we've already had here. it's bittersweet :)

Evan & Robin Sorem said...

I guess this means that our city will not be yours again. Since we're poor again, we can't buy it from you. But we loved what you did to the place. And we've got great memories of you guys there.

Peace to all....