Monday, January 28, 2008

Food For Thought

Matt told me tonight that I may have to accompany him on a few second interviews. This puts me in a bit of a tailspin, because I've been out of practice for so long, that I may reach over and cut someone else's meat for them at dinner. I'm now trying to figure out what to wear--- and think I may do an Eileen Fisher ballet dress with a pair of black boots. Understated, but a cool hemline, and I can get kind of funky with a necklace.

I have to brush up on my social graces. My last gig was at a software company- where sexual harassment was so de rigeur that you just joined ranks and laughed it off. One of my bosses jokingly suggested during one of my reviews that I should remember what Monica Lewinsky did to secure a good raise. I joked back that Bill had more hair than this individual, and didn't give it another thought.

However, I did become somewhat infamous for my social gaffes. One dinner with prospective clients was particularly painful. We were all studying the menu, and I mentioned that I might try the pork tenderloin. This led into a discussion on various dishes, and I innocently mentioned, "The best pork I ever had was on my honeymoon." After the client cleaned up the wine that came spitting through his nose, I sputtered out an explanation that it was at Roy's in Hawaii. Classy.

Maybe I better stick with a vegetarian dish for this outing.


Shannon said...

Found your blog from the Franklin5. Sounds like we are in a similar boat.
I'm in Canada not Texas but I think there are pros and cons either way.

Check back at you soon.

Have a great day despite your wardrobe and manners dilemmas! I'm positive it will all work out.

Vegetarian may be a good idea.

Laura said...

Will you take the girls? or would you like to leave them home with a great (albeit out-of-twon) babysitter and her love sick (for your girls) son? We'd be glad to come if you need us.....just a southwest flight away!