Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Should Know Better..

than to try and run errands with the kids right after school. They love to go to the bank- seriously!- mainly because my bank has dedicated 30% of their floorspace to a toy filled area of fun. And they give the kids gummy bears. Who wouldn't want to go?

I'm waiting in line, ready to do my thing, and my little ones run over to the toy area. Some poor loan officer has her desk directly next to the Nintendo game station- and she starts talking to Annie. After saying hello, Annie says, "Nice to meet you! Now go get your work done!" The crowd erupts in laughter and I shrink down and pretend I don't know her.

Something must have given me away though--- maybe it was Annie's shrieks of denial as I grabbed their hands and made a quick exit. They are both sleeping now..... I better go get my work done.


Vanessa said...

Oh the things kids will say! I was recently in a restaurant where the mother said to her 4(?) year old daughter, "Did you just roll your eyes at me?" Daughter says, "ummmm, yeah, didn't you see me?" I nearly died laughing!

Di Pie said...

What bank is it? that sounds awesome!

LOL @ vanessa's comment

Kristen said...

Vanessa- that is hilarious! For reasons of anonymity, I can't tell you the bank- but I will say that they also give out milkbones to the pooches that come through the drive through with their owners. Too cool!