Thursday, January 10, 2008

Old School

The other day, Matt and I were rehashing our trip to Arizona when he remarked, "You know, your parents are getting kind of old." I've always thought of my parents as young--- yes, they have 3 kids and the oldest is (hah hah older brother) 38- but I've always known them to be spunky and good for some fun. After Matt said this, I got to thinking...

They did seem to spend an awful lot of time sitting at the kitchen table, in hard backed chairs, reading books. This is definitely an old thing to do. My Dad also napped- A LOT. When he wasn't lolling about in hard backed hairs he was deep asleep on the living room couch. We would check him to make sure he was still breathing.

My Mom told me a story about how one of the waitresses at her country club got in trouble for approaching a table full of ladies and saying "So, guys, what's it gonna be today?" I kept waiting for the punchline, where my Mom would make fun of somebody that would ACTUALLY complain about this- only to realize, she had joined the dark side of grumpy old ladies that like to be called Mrs. XYZ when someone takes their order. Holy cow- she's not that far off from wearing pantyhose with her sandals.

My Dad told me he likes to "get up early- around 4:30am, so I have an hour or so to relax." I don't really understand this- what's MORE relaxing than sleeping? He's setting his alarm to get up and relax? Soon he'll be yelling at kids to get off his lawn.

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