Wednesday, July 11, 2007


My house is asleep, and yours truly is up late, watching crap tv. I have a new crush. Have you guys seen Dinner: Impossible? Apparently, I've either got a thing for guys that cook (see previous love-blog affair with Anthony Bourdain) or my new "getting healthy" regime has me watching the food network like it is porn.

Robert Irvine is hot. He's got that whole Daniel Craig thing working for him (I CANNOT wait for the new Bond movie to come out next summer) and the "24" spoof format is hilarious. He can whip up a pastry for 850 Marines with his own bare hands and bark orders faster than my mother-in-law. I have visions of sleeping in late, sans kids- and having Robert Irvine serve me up some buttermilk pancakes. Who am I kidding? Forget the pancakes, and truthfully- Robert Irvine would run screaming like a banshee if he saw what I currently call pajamas- I'll just take the sleeping in.

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