Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No Reservations

I am in love with Anthony Bourdain. Former chef of Les Halles, he now hosts a traveling foodie show on the travel channel- called No Reservations. His books will make you laugh out loud- especially Kitchen Confidential. But what do I love the most about him?

He was born in New Jersey--- so he has this arrogant, east coast asshole thing working for him. His cookbook, which inspires one to want to make their own veal demi glace and actually extract the marrow out of the bones (insane amount of work) also uses the word fuck quite a bit in introducing recipes. This makes me giggle with glee.

I love watching him explore different parts of the world, and usually manage to get stinking drunk before the episode is over. He has a wonderful sense of wit- and irony. So, when he is the guest of honor at a Malaysian party, and is told he must kill the pig (it's an honor?), or a Vietnamese cafe owner trots out a cocktail of a cobra's beating heart- it's handled with a touch of absurdity and cultural respect at the same time. Plus, he has this whole sexy, former heroin addict thing working for him--- something about a chef in a Ramones t-shirt that gets me going....

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