Thursday, July 5, 2007


I lost 3lbs last week! This working out thing has its advantages.

1. My pants are fitting me- always a good thing.

2. I now have an excuse to spend the entire day in my yoga pants.

3. Matt is happy to babysit so I can workout.


1. Lucy hates the "Kids club." I am consumed with guilt while sweating away on the treadmill while watching the foodnetwork.

2. My skin is so dried out from over-showering. One shower to ward off the offensive sleep smell before I hit the gym, and one after to remove the gallons of sweat,

3. Every time I schedule an orientation to "learn" the machines (why do they look like medieval torture instruments?) something happens. This morning- Lucy (fearing a visit to Kids Club) hacked up her breakfast and now has a runny nose. Perfect.

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