Saturday, July 7, 2007

Oh, The Agony

I hurt today. I couldn't wait any longer for my "orientation" to figure out how to use the medieval torture instruments at the gym, so I "oriented" myself yesterday. Huge mistake. After a good round on the rack, I am now acquainted with muscles (in a painful way) that I did not know I had. Like my ankles. And my armpit. I am probably the only girl in America that can lose weight in her armpits, but still have a huge ass. Sigh.

In other news, we have mice. I was up late last night, catching the end to Bogart's Barefoot Contessa when a little gray fuzz scurried across the floor. At first, I wasn't sure if it was a roach (more on that later) but quickly figured out by its speed (roaches are slower) that this one was a cousin of Ratatouille. Unless this mouse gets in the kitchen and starts cooking me a cassoulet soon, it's gonna be curtains, I tell you. (Note to self: must stop watching Bogart films right before bed).

Speaking of roaches, I had yet another beautiful encounter recently. When packing for my trip to Phoenix, I needed to pack the benadryl for Lucy's mid-flight sedation. It was 1am, I was up late- enjoying the solitude and filling the suitcases. I opened the linen closet (which has shelves built into the door where we keep our medicine) and went to reach for the benadryl, when I noticed a 4 inch roach crawling across the children's tylenol. (EEEEEK!) Apparently, it either had a headache, or a penchant for all things grape flavored. Now my linen closet has that familiar odor of Downey fabric softener, mixed with RAID. I really, really hope we move somewhere where the roaches do not like to live. I have nightmares about them stowing away in my moving boxes and coming along for the ride.

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