Friday, July 27, 2007

36 Reasons For A Happy, Happy Day...

36 years ago today, my husband was born in a small hospital in London, England. We regretfully interrupt your blogging pleasure to commemorate this special occasion with the 36 reasons why I am madly in love with this man. I apologize in advance for any sappiness, and promise to return to my snarky self in the next post.

1.You never tell me "no" when I really, really want something.
2. You hide behind your arrogance, and only me, the kids and your patients get to see your gooey soft side.
3. You call me anytime you can- just to say hello. Sometimes, you call me 40xs a day-others, it may be just once- but every time I know it's you, it makes me smile.
4. You have the sense of humor of a fourth grade camper-hooray for poop jokes!
5. You are never too proud to play with your kids. Never in million years did I picture you in a music class for children- banging your music sticks and singing in a circle. I can't believe I didn't have my camera.
6. You cook better than I do.
7. Anyone, anytime can you wake you from the soundest sleep, and you can behave like a reasonable, pleasant person. I so wish I had this talent.
8. You kind of look like Colin Firth, which makes you my own personal "Mr. Darcy."

9. You claim you don't know what good taste is, you just know what you like. This means you have excellent taste.
10. You hate professional sports.
11. You will happily look at antiques with me.
12. You're really not gay, even though number 10 and number 11, combined with number 6- make it sound like you are.
13. You read the Time Traveler's Wife, after I told you it was one of my favorite books.
14. You don't make fun of me when I get scared during thunder storms.
15. You still read bedtime stories after working a 36 hour shift.
16. You think Alec Baldwin is a comedic genius.
17. You make a mean cocktail.
18. You happily answer all medical questions pertaining to my family and friends.
19. You always wake me up at midnight to wish me a happy birthday.
20. You love Christmas trees.
21. You will call me, at exactly the same time I am paging you.
22. You love Disneyland just as much as I do.
23. You tolerate the beach, because I love it so.
24. You are honest- sometimes brutally so- but you always tell the truth.
25. You never give up on a friend.
26. You can tie your own bow tie. (You should wear black tie more often....)
27. You know how to order the best ice cream combinations.
28. You do the dishes after I cook.
29. You make me feel beautiful, even when I don't deserve it.
30. You do a mean jig in your underwear.
31. You always make traveling a breeze- I never worry when you make the arrangements.
32. You get silly and loud when you drink martinis.
33. You left an on-call shift to come home when I was passing a kidney stone.
34. You gave me 2 beautiful, silly girls.
35. You are naturally brilliant, but also have the strongest work ethic of anyone I know.
36. You took me to an Angels game when we were dating. Sitting in front of us was a dorky family that would jump up and hug each other after each home run. You held my hand and whispered "that will be us some day." And now, it is... Happy Birthday, ya big Dork.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Matt! Many happy returns with your equally goofy wife and sweet girls! Laura

Karin said...

Not sappy at all. Now I think I'm in Love with Matt!