Friday, July 20, 2007


Amazon has started to ship my Harry Potter book. (Does it really surprise you that I would have to read this book the day it is released? My earlier posts of being on the speech team in highschool and drinking wine coolers did not clue you in to my Nerdiness? Really?) For those of you that have known me since first grade, you will also know that in EVERY book I read, immediately after finishing chapter one of a book- I read the last chapter of a book. It was that way for Betsey and Tacy, it will be that way for Harry.

I also try my hardest to find my Christmas presents. One year, my grandparents dropped their presents off on their way to vacation in South Carolina- and my brother Tom and I stealthily undid all of the tape and inspected our loot while my parents partied it up at a Christmas party. Tom was 11, and I was 8. They bought him a BUSTER BROWN outfit- which made me dissolve into a crumple of wet-my-pants tears of laughter, until he opened my synthetic, orange Annie wig.

I promise not to reveal any spoilers here (unlike other, certain unworthy American press) but I'm pretty certain Old Harry kicks the bucket. I'm not basing this on anything literary (what, you actually think an English major would actually use their education?) but if you look at the statistics- like the Matrix, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings (oh please, a fairy boat? He was D-E-A-D folks) all signs point to a demise of the boy with the scar.

I'm looking forward to the read- I'm currently immersed in more Anthony Capella and also reading the Twilight series (what better pulpy summer read than a teen romance about vampires?) I'll be glad for the diversion since we're having epic thunder and lightening every afternoon- punctuated with flash flood warnings every now and then to keep it interesting.

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