Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Happy 4th of July everyone! When I was a kid, we usually spent every 4th in Lavallette, New Jersey- visiting my Dad's family. I remember one year, when the local fireworks got rained out, and my Dad smuggled some contraband fireworks down to the beach, and put on his own display. It's amazing he has all of his own fingers left.

Today, we're rained out- but alas, no contraband fireworks. (Not until Matt pays off his student loans, anyway). We're going to barbecue up some steaks, and Matt told he me wants to "nap like a bear" this afternoon. Poor thing is getting killed at work this month.

It was exactly a year ago that we were holed up in a grungy Holiday Inn, awaiting our furniture. Despite the moving company promising to deliver our stuff in a 3 day window, it somehow didn't seem to make it out of California until 3 weeks later. We seem to have that kind of luck with movers. When we left San Diego, not only was our furniture late but this also happened to us: 2 kids got ear infections, I got the flu, I crashed our rental car, Matt crashed his car, my car broke down and we are lucky we stayed married. This all happened in ONE week. We laugh about it now, and shudder to think that we have to move again next summer, and the likelihood of something just as horrendous occurring is quite high. Argh. Happy Independence Day!

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kristi said...

Okay, I would have had a nervous breakdown!