Saturday, November 3, 2007

Weekend Visitor

Trick or treating was a blast. The girls headed out at 6:30, and even my shy little Tinkerbell was rapping on doors and demanding candy. She insisted on carrying her bag herself, even when it got overwhelmingly heavy. She then dragged it on the ground behind her, still in disbelief that she was actually getting all of this candy.

This week, we are entertaining Curious George in our house. Annie's class has this little project- where every weekend, George goes home with another kid to spend the weekend. You have to take pictures and write a story about what you do. We have absolutely nothing planned this weekend, so I have to come up with something better than Noggin and pancakes. We did get some contraband photos of George breaking into the Halloween candy. This made Annie roar with belly laughs. I'm sure we can find some other trouble for George to get into today.

In other news, parent teacher conferences were yesterday. They went great! Annie's teachers are trying to convince me to enroll her in kindergarten next year. I'm still thinking we'll wait a year, since 95% of the states we'll move to have a later kindergarten cutoff date.

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