Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Thank You Fors...

I'm really boring lately. Just thought I should add that in case anyone out there is actually still reading this, and if you aren't, I just want to take a moment to say that I completely understand, and I think I'm dreadfully boring too.

There's just not a lot going on. The kids are doing great, my hubby is doing great- and even though we don't have a CLUE as to where we'll hang our hats next year, we're trying not to freak out about it, and just let it all shake out. It's kind of weird though- to be trick or treating, and then think ahead to next year, and not be able to forumulate a picture in your brain because.... will it be hot? Will there be snow? Who the hell knows?

Without giving away too many details, we got word yesterday that a couple that we love, is on the rocks. This sent us reeling, and also makes you take an inventory of your own situation. So much of who I am is based on being a wife, and a mother. Good, bad or indifferent, that's what it is. Matt has been in my life longer than he has not, and sometimes, I take that for granted.

Which reminds me: at night, when we say prayers with the girls, we do what we call "The Thank You Fors". This is our time of day to say thank you to God for anything and everything... We always say thank you for keeping Uncle Billy safe for another day, and for our new little niece Aden (she's over 2lbs now, hooray!) and Lucy always wants to say thank you for "brushing teeth." This is my favorite time of day- because as we all take turns for our "Thank You Fors," I catch my breath and say my own thank you... for being right where I am.

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Franklin5 said...

Here's a seriously overdue note to say: hey, I'm still reading!

It's got to be an odd state of limbo to not know what your zip code, home state and climate will be this time next year. Hopefully y'all land in a location that's just right for your family.

On a totally different note: I vaguely remember that you share my swoon over the inimitable Justin Roberts. True confession: I think I may even love him a smidge more than my kiddos do.

We saw him perform in Dallas a few months ago, and enjoyed the show so much that we gave serious thought to trucking down to Houston this weekend (again) to see him (again). Can't pull it off, though, so will you go in my place? Many thanks.