Monday, November 19, 2007

Help A Brother Out...

My brother is feeling glum. It's hard to be off fighting a war, but even lamer around the holidays. He is desperate for mail, so if anyone in the Republic of Moldova or anywhere has a spare drawing from one of their kids or a funny joke to tell- please send it to:
William Duerbig
SGT Engineer Battalion, HSC
APO AE 09322


p.s.- If anyone is making pumpkin pies this week, I just learned the coolest trick. This works with any old pumpkin pie recipe- but the trick is, before you pour the pumpkin filling over your pie crust, crumble up some gingersnap cookies and press them down in the crust. Voila! It's magic baby, serious caloric magic.


Laura said...

I was talking to Ian's teacher about this (saw her at Target) and I think she's going to have the class put a care package together for him....will keep you posted!

Franklin5 said...

I stink, royally, at the sending and receiving of mail, but how can I pass this up? A soldier, alone over the holidays? I'm on it.