Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Party Pooper

Party was a complete success. A tad overwhelming and exhausting por moi, but the birthday girl had a terrific time. We somehow lucked out, and found the largest Disney Princess bounce house this side of the Mississippi. I tipped the delivery guy extra, and encouraged him to come as late as possible to pick it up on Sunday. So, we got some extra jumping in.

Having the party guests come in costume was my favorite part. When each kid arrived, it was like the Toddler Academy Awards--- the party stopped and everyone oohed and ahhed. We had Batman, who refused to take off his mask for the entire party, we had Spiderman (complete with muscles), a glow-in-the-dark skeleton, Superman, an elephant, a little devil, a fairy princess, Jasmine, Ariel and a couple of witches. The pumpkin hunt was a big success, and the pinata was hilarious. Each kid got their turn to swack (a few walked off with the baseball bat) but the pumpkin pinata wouldn't budge. Finally, I picked up my Tinkerbell in one hand, and the bat in the other, and soon jolly ranchers and taffy pelted all of our surprised party guests.

After the party, Matt mentioned he wasn't feeling well. I chalked it up to after-party exhaustion, and it wasn't until he got the chills and a fever that we both realized he was sick. Very sick. I now have 3 children to take care of.... and my oldest child (because he refuses to stay home from work) calls me every 15 minutes. Each conversation goes like this:
sounds of grunting.
"You still feeling sick?""
more grunting.
"Did you take any Tylenol?"
"Did you call for anything else?"
"Just to complain."

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