Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Pooh Bear

Four years ago tomorrow, you made me a mother. And your Daddy became a Daddy. That was the best gift we have ever received- so remember that when you are 24, flat broke, and not sure what to get us for Christmas.

Happy Birthday my Pooh Bear- my Peter Pan- my little firecracker of energy that burns so bright. You take a whole room over with your energy, and feel so deeply- it astounds me. Your teachers are not only impressed with your brilliance, but touched by your compassion for your little friends (after you hit them over the head, of course).

Currently, you insist on everyone calling you Pooh Bear. You hate spaghetti sauce, refuse to eat off a plate (yeah bowls!), love to set the table, pretend to host your own Food Network show, and are obsessed with my general well being. To call you a Mommy's girl would be putting it mildly. Like an infant, you think you are an extension of my right arm. And I must confess... most of the time? Most of the time I adore this adoration you give me. It makes me laugh when you knowingly misbehave, and then ask me "Are you happy Mommy? Let me give you kisses and make it all better." Yourr manipulation skills are maturing at a fast pace.

You defiantly see the world the way you want to, and are not shy to speak your mind. (Where, oh where did this come from?) You are not easily intimidated. Occasionally, I get glimpses of the woman I think you will become, and it pleases me, and surprises me with the strength I see in your eyes.

You are obsessed with baseball. You play a mean tee-ball in the backyard, and would sleep in your Red Sox cap if you could. You only tolerate your weekly ballet lessons because you know it ends in a recital, and you can't wait to get back on stage. You don't want to be just a princess- you have to be a princess Magician. You don't want to just be Pooh bear, you have to put on your strawberry hat and turn into "Super Pooh." (Daddy has good times making fun of this one).

Happy Birthday, my girl. Four years ago, you were born on your due date. Contractions started at midnight, and your Daddy and I have not been the same since. It's like you were sayin "Hey! Let's get this show on the road!" And the game is so very on, my dear- and I'm so happy to be playing it with you.


Laura said...

this makes me miss her all the more! We tried to call earlier - we'll try again in a bit. Big hugs to my favourite Pooh!

Franklin5 said...

Happy fourth to your right-arm-extension, your Super Pooh. She sounds like a remarkable kiddo.