Thursday, November 8, 2007

On A Mission

Operation Costco, it was so on this morning. Do you guys remember me telling you how much my girls love to go visit Pottery Barn Kids whenever we go to the mall? They call it the "Kitchen" store, because they spend their whole time playing with the retro 1950's pink kitchen set. Lo and behold- Costco got in similar version for Christmas, at a fraction of the price. My Mom really wanted to get them one, and I was going to pick them up- but they've been sold out! So, yours truly has had to call them EVERY frickin' day, until they finally came in today. I left my Mom a message on her cell phone, telling her that "Operation Costco is a go. I repeat, Operation Costco is a go!" and headed off.

Costco was aweosme. After speaking with them quietly, they let me pay for the item, and then took the girls outside and loaded them up in the car. I popped in a Winnie the Pooh movie, and then a couple of guys graciously loaded them in the back of the van and we covered it with a blanket. They have no idea!

Here's the irony. I was so proud we finally got this, especially after Costco told me they anticipated selling out of these silly things by tonight. Then, I realized what my kids had been playing with all day. We had a leftover cardboard box hanging out in the living room from a recently opened package. The girls got their markers out, decorated it as a "castle" and spent all afternoon role playing and sitting in it. It figures. Luckily, after we open their kitchen, it comes with a wonderful gift with a purchase... a very, very big box.


Laura said...

Yeah! You got it! You are going to rock this Christmas :-) what a good mommy you are.

Franklin5 said...

Love this! I now have the "Mission: Impossible" theme song running through my head. Well done.