Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dinner Music

Date night was last night. A much needed, highly anticipated excursion. We missed our October night out, because Matt was off in Aptos, California, drinking his yearly wine and brandy with his fraternity brothers. Matt put on a sweater vest, I put on a dress and lipstick and we hit the town. Only problem? We had 8:00 reservations at this cool place called Cafe Annie's (we really love the name) and it's supposed to be one of the finer places to dine in town. But.... it's spicy tex-Mex stuff, and Matt' s stomach is still trembly and wobbly, at best. So, we cancelled our reservations, and went to an Italian place that reminds me of Carmines in New York City.

Many bellinis, glasses of wine, veal picatta and eggplant parm dishes later.... we sat at our table, licking up our tiramisu and laughing.... at the music. There seems to be a consistent theme to our date nights--- no matter where we go, there is always the lamest, and cheesiest dinner music you could ever imagine. In September, it was the minimalist sushi place, that somehow placed a piano smack dab in the middle of the joint and had an old fogie tinkling out Charlie Brown Peanuts tunes all night. Last night, instead of playing Frank, or any other suitable Rat Pack tune- this place hired some dork who sat at a table with his Mac laptop, and accompanied himself to Spandau Ballet.

Babysitter was a little freaked out when we got home. Lucy refused to go to sleep, and in protest, took her pants off and pooped in her crib. Nothing like hazing your babysitter to make them want to come back for more.

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