Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Know What Santa is NOT bringing you....

Yesterday, after attending another Matrix birthday party at Pump it Up, Annie and I headed over to Costco to load up for Turkey day. She loves Costco more than I do, because their toy aisle is adjacent to their musical instrument aisle, and a couple of weeks ago, they set up a full sized drum set for display- right next to their electric guitars.

Playing the Fender, is a balding, middle aged goateed guy in his mid- thirties. His eyes are closed, and he's strumming out the bars to some Metallica song that faintly reminds me of my older brother in high school. He's clearly in his element, and not aware of the Veggie -matic demo going on, or the shoppers fighting over pecan pies, or the pint-sized little Van Halen next to him whaling away on the drums. Then, he stops playing.

Annie stops too- drumsticks in mid-air and says, "Keep it going! Keep it going!"

And the goateed, middle-aged jukebox hero yells, "ROCK AND ROLL DUDE!" and they jam for a few more minutes.

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