Saturday, June 2, 2007

Neverending Story

We have a new project for the summer- it's called "The Letters Book." Basically, we are making a photo album of the alphabet-- the only rule being that one member of our family must be in the picture. We have spent LOTS of time discussing the "Letter Book"- picking out what we'll do for each letter- etc. etc. Annie is obsessed with the book- this all started after we found the caterpillars, and she wants them to be the feature on the C page. Lucy really only cares about the letter E (only one she currently knows) so as long as that somehow makes it in, she's a happy camper.

So... we were supposed to make it to the zoo today, to hopefully snap some pictures of zebras and elephants for the aforementioned photo-log, but we got hit with a huge rain storm. We detoured to the children's museum instead-- no zebras, no elephants, but it was fun watching my hubby try to put a puzzle together before the timer buzzed. Anyone have a clue what we can conjure up for the letter Z?

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