Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Conjunction Junction

Today I took the kids to an outdoor theatre to see Schoolhouse Rock. We packed a picnic and met some friends- it was a blast! It was so cathartic to have Annie and Lucy sitting on my lap while I sang "I'm just a bill" right along with the other parents. After the show, the kids rolled down the hill for a bit, and then we took a train ride through the park. The heat started creeping up (as did the humidity), so we waved goodbye to our friends, and went to find our car.

Three parking lots later- we still couldn't find it. Annie passed out in the stroller, but little Lucy trudged along- right beside her sweaty, ticked off Mommy. We made our way across the park, and found ourselves in between 2 parking lots, in a wooded glen. Another gaggle of moms and kids approached us, and one mom laughed and said "It feels like we are meeting in the middle of the wilderness!" After trading some fruit snacks for juice boxes I asked if she had seen a green Honda Odyssey littered with moldy sippy cups, dirty socks and stale Cheerios. She had seen six of them, so that really didn't help...but the frantic pushing of my car alarm panic button did. How the hell did people live here before air conditioning was invented?

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