Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Last Chance

I'm back. Thunderstorms, airport delays, landing in another city to refuel and waiting for airports to open couldn't keep me from returning home---- 3.5 hours late, but I'm home. I took the kiddos- sans husband- to Phoenix for the weekend to hook up with my family and see my little brother before he leaves for Iraq in a couple of weeks. I'll blog about the trip later--- but wanted to share an important piece of critical information for all of the Bargain Bettys that are out there.

Some may wonder- why visit Phoenix in the dead of summer? Since I'm currently hanging my hat in Southeast Texas, I am surprised at how little the 110 degree Arizona heat affects me. That whole "it's a dry heat thing" that you think is complete bullshit and something folks chant like a mantra to convince themselves to live where water must be imported? It's actually true. I currently live in what can only be described as "wet heat" (and no, this blog is not going porno). But Texas summers mean Texas sized thunderstorms- with humidity levels that make hairstyling a complete joke, and the strongest deodorant completely useless.

But what draws me to Phoenix in June? Family yes..... little brother leaving for a bullshit war... yes.... but also, Dear Readers, was the chance to go to Last Chance. This is the mecca of bargain shopping. In the food chain of shopping: first there is Nordstroms, then, there is the Rack. at the end of the retail journey is Last Chance- the last possible chance for Nordstroms to get a dollar for anything and everything before they burn it- literally. My heart starts pounding if I even think of it! Think garage sale, with a touch of Goodwill combined with haute couture.

The shoes! The shoes! I dream of the shoes. I came home with 3 pairs- handmade Italian flats ($39.99), a pony haired ballet shoe in the most darling leopard print ($18.99) and a pair of Dansko clogs (for my lesbian, jjill cord wearing in the winter) $18.99. But the real steal? My husband has a love affair for French, Faconnable shirts. He treasures them (and they are extremely soft) but at their normal price tag- usually unattainable.

I got him 3 Faconnable shirts- at $14.97 a piece!!! You could hear my screams of delight all the way to handbags. The hunter had found her prey, and those shirts soon found their way crammed into my diaper bag aboard a Southwest flight to home. I celebrated with honey roasted peanuts, a 3.5 hour delay and a much needed in-flight bloody mary.

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