Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cats Have Nine Lives?

Last night, my husband ran to the market to pick up a few things for dinner. He also stopped by the hospital to check on a patient. On his way home, he narrowly missed an accident. (Narrowly, as in centimeters). He was driving on a main thoroughfare, and a guy ran a red light. Unfortunately, the guy ran the light when Matt was in the middle of the intersection. Luckily, he saw the car speeding towards him, and at the last moment, hit his accelerator just in time. Whew!

Unfortunately, stuff like this happens to Matt all the time. One early San Diego morning, Matt was heading off to work as a trauma surgeon for the day. It was 3:30am, (he likes to get to work early) and as he drove to work, he unknowingly cut off a fellow car. This car then followed Matt to work, and pulled up next to him in the hospital parking lot. Matt got out of the car, and so did the two gentlemen. (I'm using the term loosely folks--- these guys did not read "Miss Manners"). Apparently there was a minute of awkward silence--- the guys stared at Matt, and Matt wondered what was going to happen. Finally one of them spoke. "You a doctor?" he asked. After Matt nodded his head, the guys got back in their car, drove over the curb, hit a parked car and left.

One December, Matt hit a Christmas tree on the freeway. (He was driving a Z3, so it could be said Old Tannebaum hit him instead). This string of luck all began when Matt turned 16- the same week he totaled his birthday car on the 405 freeway, in front of South Coast Plaza. He should have gotten a bus pass for his birthday instead.

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