Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer Picks

In homage of Mindy's blog (writer and star of the Office, bestest show of all time) I'm going to include a few things that are making my summer fun. I've got nasty feet. Seriously. To make a few extra bucks, I could spend the day picking crops- that's how bad my feet are (and my hubby continually reminds me). I always feel bad when I get professional manicures, because they always upsell me on callous removers (a type of girly acid that burns them away and smells like a bad perm) but after they unwrap my tootsies from plastic bags, the poor woman has to slough away so hard, she breaks out in a mean sweat. No more! Due to a frivolous Walgreens purchase, the Tweezerman callous shaver makes my feet softer than a newborn's bum. Plus- it's as addicting as peeling away sunburn.

I got my first whiff of this as a birthday present from my uber cool sister-in-law. I never in my life thought I would pay this much money for shower gel, but this stuff is pure nirvana. Matt loves it so much, I went out and bought the matching perfume and body lotion. It's kind of like the grown up girl's version of Clinique's Happy- but a touch softer. You can find it at sephora.

Have you checked out Jack's Big Music Show? Aside from Wonderpets, Jack is the man of the hour at our house. If it weren't for Jack, Mary and Mel- dinner would never get on our table. Because I'm nerdy, I looked up Jack on Wikipedia. It's based on the Jack Benny show- and has that wonderful Shrek touch of magic that makes it entertaining for kids and adults to watch together. Annie wants to be just like Mary, and is the only kid in America that asked Santa for an accordian this year. Matt wishes they made t-shirts, so he could be the coolest Daddio on the block.

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