Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Trails

We did it! We finally made it out of town for a couple of days. After the doctor confirmed Lucy didn't have pneumonia on Friday, we hightailed it out of town and made it to Austin by five o'clock. We stayed here- and had an absolute blast. Their family pool is hilarious- it has a huge water slide that Matt enjoyed throttling himself down (we were the only dorky family to cheer their Dad on as he went down the slide) and a "lazy river" that you innertube down while having a drink. (Instead of a cocktail, I got to hold a kid, but still fun). They have a campfire every night with s'mores, and Annie got to ride her first horse.

On the way back, we detoured a bit- and took Matt out to lunch for fathers day. I heard about this place on the Food Network- and apparently, it's quite famous. It is a tiny - probably seats no more than 30 people. There is a front porch, with an ice chest of bottled beer that you can drink on the honor system (unless you are a lawyer, and then you must pay cash-upfront). The owner is this guy named Bud- and he's about 350lbs when wet, with a pony tail down to his waist and a penchant for painting (pies are his current still life of choice). The food kicked ass- probably in the top five meals of my life. Since it was Sunday, we had the family fried chicken meal- with creamed corn and country mashed potatoes. Matt had a few Shiner bocks and we listened to Johnny Cash as we watched Lucy eat every piece of crispy chicken skin she could get her greasy hands on. After piling the kids in the car- my family took a snooze while I drove through a thunder storm. A beautiful ending to a short, but much needed break.


Tara said...

Uh, Okay - your cousin, the LAWYER, is trying to ignore the disparaging remarks on my character here! (Oh, okay I admit I don't really like all that many lawyers either.)

Kristen said...

Sorry Tara! It's Bud's rule, not mine- but I promise to sneak you beers off the front porch if we ever get to Roundtop together. BTW- they do have a HUGE antique fair in October- interested?