Monday, June 4, 2007

It's a Hard Knock Life

I knew that having kids could be tough... the sleepless nights, the endless questions, the frustrating whining-- I expected that. What I did not expect was the tough blow to my vanity.

I named my oldest daughter Annie- and she has been flooded with Annie paraphernalia since before she was born. She owns 2 different versions of the Annie movie, and tells me she wants a dog named Sandy (to be best friends with Walter, see earlier post) and she even has her own Annie Christmas ornament that sings (thank you Granny). Which brings us to our current problem.

My Annie, is currently obsessed with the soundtrack from Annie. In particular (and to no great surprise), her favorite is the song, "Tomorrow." The problem? She only likes it when I sing it. What's the big deal, you ask? She only likes it, if I sing it, and we're out in public- like the library, or the grocery store, or the doctor's office. "Sing it Mommy! Sing my song!" Like the good performing monkey I am, I try to quietly belt out a few "The sun will come outs" while holding the last semblance of my ego intact.

My husband suffers from a similar dilemna. He abhors the show "America's Funniest Home Videos". Seriously, he almost seizes if he hears Bob Saget's voice from a rerun. Enter prodigal irony, exit ego: Annie's new favorite show is, (you guessed it, ) "the funny video show." She especially enjoys it while snuggled on her Daddy's lap.

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