Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shopping List

My husband is an extremely smart individual. He was asked to be someone's lifeline on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" but they wouldn't allow the phone in the operating room (bad for our friend, good for the guy who was losing his appendix). But Matt has one quirky trait that always leaves me puzzled: he believes anything I tell him to do.

For example, during this week of "non-vacation" (i.e. time Matt has off work that is filled with 2 sick kids with croup) Matt is killing time by knocking off his personal to-do list. We fanagled him an appointment to the dentist and he got his teeth cleaned. Check. Then, Matt said he needed an eye exam- but he wasn't sure where to go.

I casually suggested Costco- knowing they gave eye exams, and also needing a huge pack of pull-ups and some blueberries. Check, check and more check. What a way to maximize time! So, we piled the kids in the car, drove to Costco, and before Annie and I could help ourselves to more samples of alfresco sausage (damn that stuff is good) Matt was back with his new prescription.

Today, he got his glasses. They are a bit blurry and giving him headaches. Oops. In retrospect, probably not a good idea to get a surgeon's new eye wear at a place that also sells 20lb bags of cat litter...but damn, those sausages were good.

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