Sunday, December 16, 2007

Somebody's Watching Me

A family friend gave us this for Christmas this year. I had my girls open him up last night, and they have named him Sprinkle. I was a little worried he would freak them out a bit, but no worries on that front. The girls are OBSESSED wth Sprinkle. They run in from playing outside, to yell hello at him. They constantly ask me when he will fly back to Santa, and tonight I caught Annie faking being asleep- in hopes of seeing him fly off.

He's quite handy too. Today, after Annie refused to clean up the playroom, I brought Sprinkle in to witness her protests first hand. Before I could even threaten one little threat, she was tossing toys in baskets faster than you can say "Holy cow, thank God for creepy elf dolls."

This is the coolest thing EVER. If you don't have one, I strongly suggest you do- and Santa's little helpers didn't pay me to say that. I've gotta go help Sprinkle "fly" to a new location now...

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Asthmagirl said...

Cute story.

I like the cookie story too!