Saturday, December 29, 2007

Have Yourself A Smelly Little Christmas

Dear Santa,
It was so nice of you to take such good care of my girls this year, but can I clarify a few things for next year? I know my girls only asked for lipgloss (and a remote controlled robot, but whatever). It was awesome of you to run to the corner gas station and clear them out of chapsticks, but next year- can we get PRETEND makeup? It seems my 2 little girls love to take their chapsticks to bed, and this makes for a sticky night time routine.

Also, not to sound ungrateful, but even though my 4 year old was more than ecstatic to find the Barbie perfume in her Christmas stocking---- any chance of making this stuff smell less like a Hannah Montana Whorehouse? The smallest dab reeks of teen angst, and I can't get the scent out of my house. It's giving me a Barbie pink headache.

The girls are in love with their dress up dresses, and their princess high heeled shoes. Scarily enough- my 2 year old walks better in pink plastic stilettos than I do. Please do not bring any pint sized stripper poles next year. We'll stick with the marabou trimmed shoes, for now.
Much Love,

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