Wednesday, December 26, 2007

From the Mouths of Preschoolers

What a Christmas! We flew back from Phoenix this morning, where we crashed at my older brother's house. Since my little brother is still in Iraq, we thought it best to distract Granny with all four of her grandchildren on Christmas morning. It worked! They were... simply put- hilarious. Only a few power struggles, a couple of time outs and one incident involving Annie, a hammer and some dings in a wall- but hey! That's what Home Depot is for.

Every holiday dinner, since I was a kid- we ring the bell. It's a tradition started by my grandparents, and one we continue today. Usually, we are all wearing our paper crowns on our heads (the ones that came in our Christmas crackers) and it's your moment to stop eating and give a toast. It's ALWAYS my favorite part of Christmas. (after presents, of course). This year, it was so darling to see my 4 year old daughter and my 4 year old nephew give their toasts. (They were born exactly one day apart.)

Here's Annie's toast: (she has a purple crown on her head, worn "ghetto style" with it drooping down over her eyes).

"Merry Christmas! I want to say that I like my family to be nice to me." (someone inserts joke about a hammer here). "I love having dinner with you guys, and I really loved making orange juice with you this morning." (My Dad brought oranges from his trees, and the kids all took turns at the juicer).

Here is Jack's toast. (he is not wearing a crown, has not had a nap and has had people in his house for 4 days):

"Eat your food. Drink your drink. Then go back to your own houses."

And to all, a goodnight!

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