Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Good... The Bad & The Crazy

Christmas Trees
The Good: Filled with meaningful ornaments, delights kids every morning with "oohs and wows". Fun and festive.
The Bad: I dread having to pack up all of the ornaments, take the tree apart, vacuum up the fake needles and shuffle everything off to the garage.

The Good: Take monthly opportunity to let loose all of the pent up rage, bitterness and frustration that may be festering about. I feel better, family just thinks I'm crazy.
The Bad: dealing with all of the pent up rage, bitterness and frustration.

Opi Lincoln Park After Dark nail polish
The Good: I bought this to make my footsies look hip and stylish and fun.
The Bad: bottle smashed on tile floor of my bathroom and did not make my bathrobe, or bath mat hip, stylish and fun.

The Good: Decaf iced vanilla latte with nonfat milk so very, very good.
The Bad: When moron barrista gives me iced regular coffee, so very very bad.

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