Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sliding Doors

Did you guys ever see that Gywneth Paltrow movie where she jumps between 2 different versions of the same life? In one, she has long hair and is mousy and shy, and the other Gwyneth sports a sassy short haircut and has bigger cajones? I was thinking about this yesterday when playing with George.

At the fundraising auction when we got him, I was bidding against this other guy across the room. He was well over six feet, in excellent shape- and looked exactly like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. He was related to the people hosting the auction, and had met George the night before and had fallen in love.

After I got my hands on the puppy, he came up to talk to me and I apologized for outbidding him. That's when he told me what George's life would have been like. He was going to call the dog Primo- and turn him into a hunting dog. I have visions of George, cavorting through marshlands with a duck in his mouth, and sleeping in front of a fireplace while he chews on somebody's wellies.

Instead, he lays down on the ground while my 2 year old feeds him kibble out of her hand. She holds the water bowl up to his face so he does not have to be bothered with bending down. He has a little stuffed duck we bought him at Costco that he trots around with- the closest thing he will ever see to hunting in this household. He poops on our patio, directly on the shuffleboard deck the previous owners painted there for some weekend fun. He's scared of grass, which makes me wonder how successful Primo the hunter would have been.

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Heather said...

Thats great to know what his life would have been, now you can say you rescued him, lol!