Thursday, September 4, 2008


As typical for my life, I hired a painter today, and gave myself 3 hours to pick paint colors for our bedrooms. Luckily, I had a color we used a few years ago for our room- so that was one room down. Next up: I promised Lucy the ultimate of all Pinkalicious rooms. She's getting big fat awning stripes of 2 different pink colors. Do you know how hard it is to pick a good pink? It's scarily easy to make it look like a Barbie massacre, or Minnie Mouse vomit. Swallowing my amateur designer pride, I called in Lucy and asked her which pink she liked best. Of course, it's called Ballerina. So, one order of Ballerina with a bit of Fairy Dust in for good measure- coming right up tomorrow at 8am!

I just re-read this and realized that this is the most boring post ever. My apologies. My life is consumed with small details right now... like picking paint colors, forwarding mail, putting curses on moving trucks that think it's ok to deliver ONE FRICKIN day outside of their window, waiting for washing machines to be delivered. I almost started crying tears of joy when the cable guy called today and asked if it would be ok if he showed up 2 hours early. God bless him.

In other news, my kids are handling school like troopers. My little one completely freaked out in the parking lot our first day when she realized her best little friend in Houston wasn't going to be there. They've moved Annie around to try a couple of different classes, and through all of the change, it reminds me how resilient these guys are. Their bedtime routine is completely shot to hell, but they are hanging in there.


Ian's mom said...

life is made up of the little details, my friend :-)
you will get through this with shining colors (or at least sparkly pink ones!)

Heather said...

You and them are doing a fab job, cant wait to see pixs of the pink room lol!