Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Drum Roll

Friday afternoon: Lucy starts complaining about ear pain, and I start giving her topical antibiotic drops we keep on hand for just-in-case situations.

Saturday afternoon: Lucy starts oozing strange things out of her ear. I start biting my nails, wondering if we could make it to Monday when the pediatrician opens.

Sunday morning: At about 2:30am, Lucy starts screaming and turns into a crazy person. No amount of Motrin or snuggles can calm her down, and I wake up Matt. He takes one look at her, looks at me, and says "She's got to go to the ER."

Sunday 4am: I try to convince Lucy she can leave the house in her nightgown. She's not having it.

"I must get dressed Mommy." she says. "I must wear a dress."
20 minutes later, she's in her Lilly Pulitizer dress (Costco, people!), with her sandals ( because Crocs wouldn't match). She did agree to not have her hair done, which is when I knew she wasn't feeling well.

The night staff at Matt's hospital were overjoyed to see her little highness, and she charmed the pants off all of the scrub nurses until they decided to irrigate her ears with warm saline. It took two of us to hold her Lilly Pulitizer self down.

Two hours later, they tell us she perforated her ear drum. (Ouch!) She's on some pretty strong antibiotics, and now we're headed back to the Ear Nose and Throat surgeon. Good times. Good, good times.


Jill said...

Oh that's just horrible!! I hope that all of you are caught up on your sleep and Lucy's feeling better soon.

Ian's mom said...

oh no! Poor thing - sending her big hugs and kisses from FL. Hope she is feeling herself again soon!

Heather said...

OMGosh wicked! So sorry! Hope all is much better by now. Love that she had to get dressed though.