Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'm packing our suitcases again today. I am so sick of packing suitcases, and loading cars, and convincing kids to sleep in strange beds. It almost makes me excited to unpack the thousands of boxes that will soon be arriving.

We've been crashing at my parents' house for the last five days. Matt stayed behind to work, and we have missed him. My folks have an easy house to stay in- lots of new exciting toys, sugar cereal and a pool in their backyard. They've been very kind about my George, and welcomed him with open arms. Unfortunately, school starts tomorrow, and my parents' house is just too far away.

Luckily, Matt's aunt said we could stay with her, so off we go- to another house to crash and make a mess of until our stuff arrives. The logistics of this whole thing is starting to wear- I spent most of my Labor Day weekend researching washers, dryers ad fridges- and can quote you Consumer Reports verbatim.

Gotta go pack the car. This is getting old... yes indeedy.


Ian's mom said...

it will all be over soon and soooo worth it! Ian wishes Annie a great first day of school! (and Lucy too if she is starting he says LOL)

Heather said...

been there done that and it is about my time to do it again. I usually go with the kids to visit fam from house to house for about 6 wks once or twice a yr. Its crazy but it makes you enjoy your home so much more when your there! hang in there!