Monday, September 15, 2008

Face It

Recently, I joined the whole Facebook thing. Exactly nine minutes after signing up, I was contacted by a large group of people I went to high school with that I have not talked to for years. A few days after that, I heard from folks from my very first job after college. This week, a girl I knew from drama stuff when I lived in Hawaii found me. Facebook is like a virtual reunion tour.

I think it's cool and all- but there are days where I forget to check it. My husband, however, does not. He thinks Facebook is cheesy, and would never be caught dead with having his picture posted and updating his whereabouts. However, this does not stop him from using my log on and checking people out all the live long day.

Moving update: we're down to the last 20 boxes or so, and are pretty sure some stuff is missing. Like one of the cushions for our couch. Two patio chair cushions. Two Persian rugs. Two lamps. One sportscoat and half of our drinking glasses. Oh yeah- someone made off with our train table too. Somewhere there is a Thomas the Train fan sitting on one couch cushion, drinking out of Target-ware and wearing a Brooks Brothers jacket. Weird shit, I tell you.

In other news: went to yet another fundraising gala last night. (Did NOT come home with puppy). I feel like such a poser at these things- and marvel at how well put together most of the women are. As for me, I was in my dress, cleaning up dog poop and pee off our living room floor minutes before leaving. I didn't have time to change out my purse, and felt like a Class A dork as I trudged along, hiding my crocodile backpack. I did manage to get stinky drunk on Tommy Bahama rum and umpteen glasses of wine. Nothing says good times more than puking up fois gras at 4:30am. And yes! I did see my first Real Housewife of Orange County! It was a moment, I tell you.


Sugar Photography said...

I'm on facebook! find me and we can be friends :D

(Jennifer Martin Weintraub)

What? Me? Desperate for friends???

Heather said...

Now that sounds like a good time!

Evan & Robin Sorem said...

This is great. Please let Mr. Real Doctor know that I'm going to look for a picture of him to post to my facebook so that he can then be famous. Unless of course I decide that's cruel. We'll see. I'm wildly unpredictable.

Facebook is interesting. We have our 20 year HS reunions coming up. It's going to be key for that...Robin thinks I'm obsessed. As with all things, she might be right.