Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happiest Place on Earth

Political rant over. Back to talk about poopie and cute kid musings.

I got a bit fed up with all of my puppy, unpack house and work duties and decided to play hooky on Tuesday. Annie got a free pass to try out an extra activity (because they ABANDONED her from her regularly scheduled class- but don't get me started) so Lucy and I were left with much of a whole day to ourselves.

After we dropped Annie off at her class and left a homing device in her Ladybug lunchbox should they lose her again, I stopped Lucy in the hallway of school.

"Hey! Want to know where we're going today?" I ask my two year old who usually doesn't like "Mommy/Lucy" days and misses her sister more than Lance Armstrong misses his non-soccer ball.

"Starbucks?" she asks, in a resigned tone.

Nope. 30 minutes later we were entering the Magic Kingdom- for a half day of stolen Mickey pleasure that felt naughty and exhilerating at the same time. We scooted over to the new Finding Nemo ride- and I figured if the line wait was less than an hour we were in. 45 minutes later we boarded our yellow submarine, and all I have to say is "eh." It was ok.

We did Dumbo. We did the carousel. We hugged Goofy and talked puppy shop talk with Pluto. (He did not poop in front of us, thank God). We oogled over princess dresses. We had a lovely lunch together. My eyes kept watering- cherishing this special time with my little one and feeling guilty that the rest of the family wasn't with us.

"Lucy? I'm so glad I get to spend the day with you." I said, as I squeezed her hand outside Cinderella's castle.

"I'm so glad I get to spend time with the princesses." she replies.

She definitely knows her priorities.


Ian's mom said...

you know you are a princess too - so you get lumped into the group! Glad you had such a great day, just the two of you.

We are headed to EPCOT this afternoon/ and wine festival starts today! yippee!

Heather said...

awww I love those days and what a great place to play hookie, lol!