Friday, February 29, 2008

Confucious, Lying Bastard

Am out of town. Will give details later. Have been on six planes this week and am not finished yet. This week I have also seen:

* 4 year old puke in her own bed.
* 4 year old puke in her grandparents' car.
* Grandmother puke in sympathy to 4 year old puke.
* Car filled with vomit getting rear-ended.
* 4 year old crap her pants on an airplane.
* 2 year old puke on a plane.
* 2 year old continue to puke on a plane and her mother, every 30 minutes for 6 hours.
* 2 year old puke in a hotel bed.
* 2 year old puke in the other hotel bed.
* 2 year old spray poop all over hotel bathroom.
* Hotel housekeeper gag and try and hide tears.

Not only do I think I am banned from flying Southwest airlines ever again, but our current hotel room smells like the inside of an 80 year old's ass. Not a pretty picture. Pray for me people- this week ain't over yet.


Laura said...

I'm so sorry sweetie! Someday this will be a funny story that people ask you to tell over and over again - I promise!

Tara said...

There are no words. Just - no words. Hang in there and try to keep the vomit off you.

Wishing you peace and healthy children...

Evan & Robin Sorem said...

At least nobody pissed on your husband. That would be the end.

Sounds like someone needs a few shots of Cabo Wabo.

Good luck Kristen.