Monday, March 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I'm home. I'm home! I'm home! The last week was, simply put, ridiculous. Matt had 2 job interviews- in opposite ends of the country, and since we have no family in Houston- they both agreed to fly the kids out so we could check out the area. We began the week in the Southwest, and my parents drove out to meet us and do some babysitting so I could look at houses and such. Unfortunately, Annie caught a stomach bug the night before we left. Foolishly thinking it was only a 24 hour bug, we trudged forward- and now I'm going to spare everyone the gory details-(involving every bodily fluid imaginable) but it probably would have been best if we skipped the first leg and just got everyone well.

Good news! We received a full price offer on our house 4 days after putting it on the market. We are now in escrow, so please keep your fingers crossed that everything goes through. In the midst of spewing poo and vomit, this was truly, a blessing. Annie and I also met Justin Roberts last night- and he played our favorite song- D-O-G. Did you know he used to be in an indie-rock band? To support himself, he was a preschool Montessori teacher by day- and that's how he started writing songs for little ones.

We're getting rocking thunderstorms today with high winds, so I'm keeping my little ones home for a much needed jammie day. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and kind words- and I hope you guys miss this virus- it's a violent one!

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Sugar Photography said...

well doesn't that just sound like hell on earth!

glad it's at least OVER WITH!