Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baby Love

Baby fever is sweeping the city. At the gym this morning, one friend confessed she's fighting the bug, and my other friend laughs and points to a bag in her backseat. It's a bag of maternity clothes that she just got back from a friend.

Baby Fever. I suffer from it too- from time to time. A lot of date nights, Matt and I will talk about the possibility of having another kid. Annie and Lucy constantly ask for more babies. I love babies. I love their smell, their routine, their softness. I love how other people melt around them. I love how easily they can be soothed.

But it's hard to think of going back. I've given away all of my baby things. All of them. Every last onesie, exersaucer, sling. Gone. I've got about six more months of diapers. But there is something so powerful- so addicting to see the newness of life. To see a person unfold, and discover. When I really get honest, I think this is where my baby fever stems from. And until we're a bit more settled, I have to content myself with feeding my addiction in other ways.

So, that's my new goal. To find and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me. Without sounding too Yani-new-agey, I'm going to do a better job of reveling in the small moments. Like when my Lucy lays her head down on my shoulder. Or when my girls belly laugh while jumping on my bed. Or when my husband calls from his crazy job just to hear my voice.

Happy Valentines Day- I hope you fill your day with love.

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Kirstin said...

Had I realized you posted this earlier, I wouldn't have sent you the link to

The more I have tried to cherish and enjoy the little moments with my kids, the stronger the bug gets....