Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Love Letter

I am an extremely emotional person. For those that know me, this goes without saying. For those that don't- just know that most of my decisions in life are "gut based" as opposed to logical, well thought out, rational decisions. Sometimes this serves me well, sometimes it doesn't. Today, it made my head explode.

Today, I got a very disturbing letter from the tenant that occupies my house in San Diego. It appears she is a little peeved at all of the ruckus involved with putting our house on the market. To her credit, we did have the outside of the house painted, and some minor repairs (drive by San Diego friends! It looks great!). To compensate, our property manager recommended we give her a rent credit- and he suggested an amount that has worked in the past.

Apparently, this must have insulted her. Not only did she scoff at our peace offering, she wrote a 3 page diatribe that basically says she will sabotage the showing of my house, and listed in great detail why she finds my housekeeping skills lacking. (Note to self: do not pay to have your house cleaned after moving out unless you can be there to inspect the work. Also, do not let your husband close up a house all by his lonesome while you are crying about moving and tending to a six month old and 2 year old. Said husband will leave 2 boxes and a bicycle in the backyard and you will forever hear from your tenant that you are likely related to Miss Havisham).

Are you guys bored with this yet? I guess my point is this: my house, that I am renting in Texas was hit by lightening last fall. It sucked. I lost my computer, and didn't have a working oven or washing machine for 2 weeks. Did I complain? Oh yes. Did I expect to be financially compensated? No. It's life, people. I handled the repairs, paid for them- and then got reimbursed from the owners of the house. Life went on. I didn't insult anyone, or write nasty letters, or badmouth anybody to their former neighbors.

My only compensation is this: I only have to deal with this snarky, small-minded person for a few more months. She is stuck being her for the rest of her life. I guess I'm lucky then.

p.s- Back to the whole "gut based" decision making? I called my property manager and told him to take the rent credit and shove it up the tenant's ass.

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Vanessa said...

Not sure which part of Texas you are in, but last night was some of the lightening and thunder at its best. A house not far from ours caught fire from a lightening strike.

For your renter? She needs to grow up and realize that when her mother told her she was 'special' that doesn't mean the whole world caters to her.