Monday, February 18, 2008

Talking Heads

Yesterday I ripped the heads off of about 60 of these and had myself a good ol' Southern good time. We went to our first crawfish boil! It was very cool. Our friends built a table on their deck, perfect for propping your beer up against, and it had a big ol' hole in the middle with a trashcan underneath. After the crawfish were given last rites with cayenne pepper, they went to the big old jacuzzi in the sky (along with some corn on the cob, mushrooms and kielbasa sausage). They eventually made their way on top of the hole-in-the-middle table where partygoers scurried around to rip their heads off and break off their tails and eat their yummy meat. Not a good day to be a crawfish, but a very good day to be a partygoer.

Some guy named Ward (who I later found out was from New Jersey) taught Matt and I the proper way to shell one. Rip their heads off, while snapping off their tails, then squeeze their puny legs together until the shell cracks and you can then remove the meat and the intestine in one swoop. Hungry, anyone? Actually, they taste really good. I couldn't get the hang of the ripping off the head thing, and everyone laughed when I would cover one up with a paper towel and quietly apologize before I ripped the f*&cker to shreds.

After a few beers, we cooerced Ward into sucking on one of the heads. It's a bit disturbing, but also entertaining. Matt had just returned from an interview in New Orleans, so perhaps I will be sucking my own crawfish heads in a bit. You never know.

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