Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Keepin' It Real

This is a stressful time. We were supposed to have date night on Saturday, and instead of living it up- we crashed our local Indian place to furtively whisper an argument over some curry and tikki masala. Trying to figure out where to put down roots has caused both of us angst, and each one feels like the other one is issuing ultimatums, or painting them into a corner. Bottom line- this is going to take compromise- on all parts. I'm totally stressed out because I have no idea where we're going to be living- and I don't have the kids on waiting lists for schools ANYWHERE- and we close escrow on our house in July, so we can't buy anything before then, so I've got to find us a place to hang our hat for the summer. Matt is even more stressed--- he's working a totally intense day job, and juggling phone calls from all over the country and scheduling EVEN MORE interviews to try and wrap this puppy up before the year ends. On top of that, we have well meaning relatives that continually want to talk- over, and over again about the many options, and some poke their well meaning fingers into pies that weren't supposed to be touched. (enough metaphors?)

But just when things look their darkest- my hubby has this innate ability to crack a silly joke, or make me laugh- and suddenly all of the anger and pent up plans to escape to Hawaii are immediately forgotten. Almost. When he says he's going to be home for dinner, and I start whipping up some tres' expensive seared scallops with garlic spinach for a late Monday night dinner and he calls about halfway home to say an old friend is in town and he's going to go to some Brazilian steak house and wolf down 15 steer, well.... I still get a bit pissy. Jokes and all.

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