Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Without a doubt- the hours between 5pm and 8pm are the hardest of my day. At 5:00- my kids ability to be rational is completely gonzo, and all hell breaks loose. Unfortunately, this meltdown occurs at just the moment when I'm starting to think about what the hell I'm supposed to feed everyone. By the time I get dinner on the table, dishes cleaned up and the kids popped in the tub- I'm wiped out. Tonight, I let the kids play for a bit longer than usual. They had a new game- something about mermaids and a submarine song, and they were spitting water out and belly laughing- so I propped myself up on their Target brand pink stepstool and just thought.

Five years ago, the hardest part of my day was chewing out some lame-ass salesman who didn't know his head from his enterprise system. Every few weeks I took a short business trip and traveled throughout the country. I had a weekly brunch gig with my girlfriends. On Sunday mornings, I would light a fire in the fireplace, turn on some jazz and while away the day on the couch with a great book. Matt and I took weekly excursions in to Balboa park or Coronado beach- and they always ended around 3pm- with either a bloody mary, a cappucino or a margarita.

Right now- it is so easy to get carried away with the details. Raising kids requires so, so many steps- that it is all too easy to get lost in the muck. Today, I reminded myself to take a mental snapshot- of my little girls, hiding from a scary monster under Annie's comforter. I have a feeling, that in a few years I'll be sitting on some couch, trying to read a book- and wishing I could be there with them.


laura said...

When are you planning on writing a book? I adore your writing style - although it does make me miss you all that much more :-)

Phil said...


Couldn't find an email to send this to you so posting in comment. From fellow Texan thought you'd find this cute from Author Stephanie Klein


Gerbil said...

As you know, the Witching Hour is really three hours long. And all kids seem to belong to a really well organized union that encourages late-afternoon/early evening freakouts over the slightest provocation. This is why Nature makes 'em cute.