Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Broke

I am now nursing a massive headache. This morning, I tried to go get an oil change on the ol' minivan- but apparently everyone this side of the MIssissippi decided this morning was THE morning to do work on their car. Instead of waiting an hour and a half with 2 kids inside of a dealership, I took the anklebiters home and we cleaned out the car. This is what we found:
1. soccer ring from a crappy store bought cupcake
2. one shoe. Have no idea where other shoe is.
3. Multiple piles of horribly smelly, unidentifiable crumbs.
4. Annie's Boston Red Sox hat
5. Very important escrow papers for our house

After Febreezing the whole stanky thang down, I loaded up the kids and we hit it to the local strawberry patch. We came home with our weight in berries- and now the whole kitchen smells like Strawberry Shortcake's armpit. In addition to picking berries, the rest of our spring break culminated in a couple of playdates, 3 different egg hunts, dinner at a friend's house, a ton of baking and a urinary tract infection. Good times folks. Good times.

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