Friday, August 17, 2007

Nice What Oil Money Can Do....

This town has a lot of money. I've written before about the "energy" moms at my kids' preschool, and I did make friends with someone last year who works in petroleum. They've got a 6,000 square foot home built in 1920- and she has an au pair from Brasil (we all think she's nuts- the au pair sunbathes topless) and a housekeeper around full time.

The only person topless around our house is my 3 year old. I'm a Bargain Betty- I love outlet shopping, buying things on sale and stretching a buck as far as it can go. I don't like to think of myself as cheap, per se, but with a husband finishing his career training, and student loans up to our eyeballs, I like to be fiscally creative.

That's why, I was really surprised today when I had my first informal board meeting at preschool. When I got the phone call asking me if I would join their Early Childhood Committee, it felt like I was being asked to join the cool kids. My husband, who shudders whenever he has to put the kids to bed by himself, couldn't contain his glee when I called him with the news. Despite the monthly meetings at night- Matt had visions of this ensuring our kids would get the cool teachers (all of them are cool, so this was pointless) but it is nice knowing the ins and outs of what's going on.

So today, they ask if I can head up getting the t-shirts for our big fundraiser concert. "Sure!" I say, thinking to myself- who would want to buy a t-shirt for a fundraiser? That's when they tell me they've hired Justin Roberts to sing at preschool. I made a complete ass of myself by squealing "JUSTIN ROBERTS? The guy who sings D-O-G? The guy who plays on Jack's Big Music Show? THAT JUSTIN ROBERTS?"

Two very important lessons I learned after the meeting:
1. They are not letting me anywhere near Justin Roberts when he gets here.
2. I really, really need to get out more.

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Tara said...

We LOOOOVE Justin Roberts! I am so jealous. Aidan and Brennan particularly love the doctor song. (And well, I may, um, know it by heart too. Maybe.)

Too cool for school you.