Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fonzie Mommy

  • Some days, I feel my life as a stay at home Mom is diminished. My day can be a never ending cycle of unloading the dishwasher, changing diapers, folding laundry and refereeing. But then, there are certain times where I'm reminded how many nuances go along with being a Mom.

    It was a school night, but typically, yours truly was having chef's-block at 5pm, and couldn't figure out what to make for dinner. My hubby graciously suggested we pick him up at work and go grab a pizza. The kids were tuckered out- but after weighing tired kids against dirty dishes, tired kids lost- and I threw caution to the wind and headed out.

    My kids are obsessed with their Crocs. They can take them on and off at will, and when I'm feeling generous- I buy them lots of these bits of nonsense to decorate them. When we got to the pizza place, I really needed to use the restroom- so I took the baby and hightailed it inside. After Lucy washed her hands for the fifteenth time, we finally made it into the restaurant, but found no sign of the rest of my family. My cell phone rang.

    "You need to get out here now." My usually calm, controlled husband said in a panicky voice. I could hear wailing screams behind him. After Matt assured me Annie was still physically intact, we raced outside.

    There's my daughter, laying down beside the car, sobbing uncontrollably. After questioning Matt- the only thing he could tell me was "he tried to help her put on her shoes." Crocs have this adjustable little strap- you can either wear them like clogs, or move the strap to the back for more support. Annie hates having the strap in the back. I forgot to mention this vital piece of information to my frazzled husband. That got me thinking- there's plenty more where this came from. I should document these Fonzie-Mommy moments in case I'm abducted by aliens and Granny has to come help run the show.
  • The Cinderella pink sippy cup is only to be used for chocolate milk, first thing in the morning. It is highly inappropriate if you use this at any other time of day, for any other liquids.
  • It takes a few tries to get Lucy in her shoes. She'll dangle her toe and yell "Wrong foot! Wrong foot!" a few times before finally putting them on.
  • When you are snuggling Annie at night, when she suddenly sits up and flips her pillow over, this means she's about to fall asleep.
  • If Annie tells you her stomach hurts- she's got to poop.
  • If the kids are unusually quiet- something is amiss. Usually, this something involves the bathroom sink and most of the brand new bottle of soap.
  • "Finding Nemo" freaks Annie out. She's petrified of sharks, but Lucy loves them. Go figure.

I'm sure there are a million more- but I'm curious- do you have any Fonzie-Mommy tips to share?

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Laura said...

a big one here...oatmeal and toast must NEVER be served at the same time :-)

Also, you can't call his bike helmut a is a bike hat. otherwise he won't wear it

I'm sure you are right, Kristen - these should be written down to be kept with the will....just in case!