Thursday, August 16, 2007

Erin Go Bragh

I'm half Irish, but my Irishness is overpowering- and consumes up much of my ancestral identity. (Which is why I wanted to name one of my girls Fiona, but Matt refused- afraid of too many Shrek jokes). I make a mean soda bread, hang out at Kinsale- NYC's coolest Irish pub (and where the NYFD celebrates their own St. Paddy's day) but I am not fond of tropical storms named Erin.

We've got some rain. Lots of rain. Bounding, booming sounds of thunder that knock out my satellite and force my kids to watch Disney movies. (Mary Poppins is currently teaching my kids the importance of having cod oil before bed). Erin is too nice a name for a tropical storm- what about Esther? Or Esmerelda? Or Earnest? Come to think of it, most E-names are rather non-threatening- perhaps we should skip this letter all together. Oh well, I'll have a nice D-named hurricane to worry about soon enough. Can November 30th come any sooner?

I'll be back tomorrow if we don't float away.

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