Saturday, August 4, 2007

House Calls....

We're home sick today- my little Lucy is nursing a fever and a summer cold. We haven't been to the pediatrician in almost 2 weeks, so I knew something would catch up with us. I'm thinking of asking Santa for doctor co-pays for Christmas- it's getting a bit ridiculous.

Anywhoo.... (what, you're bored with my HMO talk? Really?) last night, my Annie cut her foot on something. Her Daddy discovered her bleeding toe smack dab in the middle of storytime. I've always wondered if Annie understood what Matt does. She loves to go to the hospital and see him--- she asks about his patients all the time, but I've always wondered if she put it all together. Last night, with her bleeding toe- I realize she does.

As Matt started to bandage up her toe and give her a kiss, Annie started calling him "Doctor Daddy." It was hilarious. It was- "Thank you Dr. Daddy." and more of "I love you Dr. Daddy." and of course- "Dr. Daddy- you made my owie all better, and all of the red is gone." Matt has gotten many awards in his career--- he's been published in oodles of medical journals, and written textbook chapters, and saves lives on a regular basis- but somehow, I know that it was the little accolade our 3 year old gave him last night that meant the most.

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